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All I want for xmas is A NEW ROOMMATE!! (plz help) [14 Dec 2008|10:38pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

Alright alright... here's the story: My current roommate hasn't had the best luck finding a new job... and after MONTHS of searching, has to give in, move out and live with his parents. Scary huh? So now I'm living in this fantastic 2 bedroom apartment (In one of the best spots in Capitol Hill, btw) all alone, with no one to talk comics, play xbox 360 wii, draw 'n talk 'n drink and cook platonic yet romantic pizza dinners with. Did I mention I wear clothes all day long?

I NEED A ROOMMATE DUDES. I can't afford to pay for this place by myself.

Seriously. He kinda dropped this on me very suddenly. So suddenly, if anybody dependable with no criminal record and two working feet (there's no handicap access, I live on the 2nd floor), LET ME KNOW. Move in as soon as Jan 1st or Feb 1st! Here's the details:

-2 bedroom apartment- Capitol Hill, Seattle
-On 13th ave and Harrison near 3 (practically 4!) grocery stores and lots of shopping/bars
-Rent: $600 each + utilities/internet (pushes it up to a little over $700 total)
-$600 for his half of the deposit (talk to me if you need time to pay this off)
-1 hygienic cartoonist roommate w/ no known diseases
-Can't have pets (Landlord's rules, I wish it wasn't so)
-Washer/dryer in the basement
-Corner apartment with HUGE windows overlooking the city
-Move in as soon as Jan 1st
-I won't touch your junk*

If you know anybody you trust, feel free to pass this info on! I'm hoping to find someone cool and compatible and would rather not have to resort to doing scary interviews with strangers off craigslist.

Thanks so much! Hope you don't mind I'll be posting this a couple times this month just in case!
<3 Kazimir

*read that how you like.

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SPX BOUND [29 Sep 2008|10:10pm]
[ mood | busy ]

I'll be floating around SPX in Bethesda, MA next weekend. I screwed up and missed the deadline for the second Mourning Star debut... but I did make a short comic for You Ain't No Dancer #3(by New Reliable Press) and a new pseudo-mini comic, "The Black Mine" which will be at the Bodega table.

Oh, and buttons...? I'm going to have buttons. See you there! Let's trade!

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[14 Sep 2008|09:56pm]
The XBOX 360 lowered in price a week ago. So I bought one. I mean, I already had a few games from when Aaron lived with me. I'm now slowly catching up to where I was in Lost Odyssey. Also, downloaded Bionic Commando: Reloaded and one of the funnest games I've played in forever: Castle Crashers. Anybody reading this have a LIVE account? Be my online buddy (but let me know who you are when you add me):

XBOX handle: handjabbathehut

...yeah, I'm pretty proud I thought that one up all by myself.
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I was caught on tv GEEKING OUT (help me steal this video) [10 Aug 2008|08:50pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Dustin Harbin just sent me a link to a news story covering Heroes Con I went to a few months ago... and there's footage of Aaron and I taking pictures with these trekkies!
Klingon, Trekkie

It happens at 1:13 in the video: http://www.wcnc.com/video/traveler-index.html?nvid=270411

Dude, I'm totally busted and they call me on it: "...a room full of eccentric types all geeked out over comics..." SO RAD. I'm going to be single for the rest of my life!

Anyway, I'm trying to capture the video, you know, so I can show it to my grandkids 50 years down the line... but none of the programs I've tried work. Anybody reading this know how to capture it from the site? I tried some program called vixy and installed the firefox video-downloader add on, but they're not working.

If anybody can grab it for me, I'll owe you big time.

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MNS#2 preview [29 Mar 2008|11:53am]
[ mood | busy ]

haah... so yeah, I've been working on the second Mourning Star book for a while. It's been a weird process because it feels like I spend a large amount of free time at the drawing table or drawing pages on my lunch break at work...enough for THREE new issues of Mourning Star, but I'm only 80% done with the second. And I don't want to think about once I draw the last page, I'm going to sit and reread the whole thing and decide to cut/redraw/add even more to make it not so crumby.

Thanks to everybody that's read the first book and wants more! I'm not even done with the second one and I'm already excited about my plans for the third. Hopefully, next year won't be as bumpy as the last...

Anyway, here's a page of what the snipper sniper is up to:

And to steal a line from the ever popular Super Mario Smash Brothers: Warning! A New Challenger Approaches!

...ok, so coming around to what I was saying earlier about revising/redrawing panels... anybody have opinions on the fifth panel where Barbaraz swings the snipper sniper into the column? Does it look too stiff? Maybe it's the "BKHH" sound effect that looks awkward...Should I redraw the fourth panel to reestablish that Barb is STILL holding the SS's ear? I'm really interested in how people read comics and fill in the blanks between panels. These panels go by so fast, will anybody even notice? I'm thinking it's only awkward to me because I'm over analyzing it... but any opinions/advice would be very helpful!

Ok, gotta go. Since Aaron's left, I've been rearranging the apartment. Going to Ikea to buy some new (comic)book shelves and picture frames.

{EDIT 12:48pm}A friend suggested the sniper's legs made it look bad... quick photoshop aside, does this look better?

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[26 Mar 2008|09:56pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Something kinda old, but relevant if you're wondering what I'm up to. I'd post some Mourning Star pages, but seriously... there's not a page that isn't either a spoiler or boring.

Aaron Mew moved back to SF two weeks ago. My new roommate moves in next week?
More news to come later... maybe...

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I can't believe in 29 years this is the first time. [30 Nov 2007|04:11pm]
[ mood | confused ]

I know this sounds INSANE, but has anybody else ever gotten water inside of their toothpaste tube. Enough that it like waters down the rest of your toothpaste and when you put it on your brush it's all slimy and has that ABC toothpaste kinda feeling?!?

The tube's almost empty anyway. 4 more uses, max. I'm just going to throw it out to avoid making myself vomit while brushing my teeth tonight.

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Aaron's back from San Fransisco [28 Nov 2007|03:32pm]
It was a nice week of peace and quiet all to myself. I really didn't get much drawing done. More just going out with Steve and Hollie and playing Mass Effect and Fire Pro Wrestling. A few days ago I've become increasingly productive and been drawing more...But now Aarons home and therefore life's like this:

Mind you, aaron's not at all an inconsiderate roommate*.
I'm the milquetoast that didn't even bother asking about the chair... I just drew this instead for laughs.

SCAD was an awesome experience. I met tons of talented artists and sorta took one step closer to my fear of public speaking. We printed out a jam comic by the end of each class. I got to try a lot of new foods (never had collard greens before) and see new places. SCAD has recently acquired the entire Don Bluth Studio archive, which was like 3 rooms full of boxes with animation stills, notes, sketches, promotional items, etc. It was amazing! We saw cells of omitted scenes from Dragon's Lair (when the goblins die, they were originally split in half and showed guts/blood. The final version was changed to their bodies turning into puffs of smoke) and cells from a animated film that was half in production when they shut down. There was a scene of a baby whale being born (this included imagery of the mother's vagina which I would have been terrified to see on a big screen as a child). Also I brought home a lot of extremely awesome mini comics. Ended the Comic Art Forum by throwing a hotel party at where I was staying and got to know the students better outside of the classroom.

Ok, well it looks like Aaron's all drummed out and is taking a break watching a DVD. back to work. Enough chatter.

*Although he never does the dishes.
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[29 Oct 2007|05:51pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

JP ( ziel ) was wondering how people would draw themselves as Peanuts characters.

Last Saturday was a really busy night. Aaron and I attended three functions in one evening. We first bused to the U-District for the 'Friends of the Nib' Halloween art show. There were lots of cartoonists there and a few Fantagraphics people. Met some new people (like Lily, one of David Lasky's students that apparently enjoyed my book) and Raj, Jim Woodring's neighbor (I tried to get the dirt if the Woodrings were lousy neighbors, but he wouldn't give me any juicy gossip). Max and Kelly dressed up as ironic Insane Clown Posse fans. Very disturbing. It was probably the scariest costumes there... I could barely keep a straight face. And most of the Fine Comix group were there too(Mark questioned when we will be having another meeting...).

Afterwards, Aaron and I went to Rolan's for a pumpkin carving contest. Josh showed up (he's been dangerously ill for quite some time) and so did Joe and Nicole. Deanna and Steve won the main prize. Aaron and I got there too late and didn't participate. Just drank and stashed kit kats in my pocket (they melted into blobs).

It was getting late, so we then drunkenly dashed to the Bus Stop (the bar) for Nichelle's birthday party. Leah, Zoe and Brandon were hanging out, taking turns avoiding dancing with a drunken nichelle. An ensemble of gay boys came in all dressed up in awesome street fighter costumes. The highlight of the night must have been seeing Guile freak dance Ken. I told aaron next year I want to make a Blanka costume. He reminded me that stupid crap about how i'm more suited for a scrawny Zangief.

After a drink we then headed back to Rolan and Sabrina's just before everybody else left to go home. Rolan still wanted to hangout, so we stay a bit longer. While everybody else walked down the street to 7-11, I flipped through the tv channels and end up watching "To Catch a Predator" (and then fall asleep). Aaron woke me up. surprisingly, nobody drew on my face (There were sharpie markers everywhere because of the pumpkin contest) and we drunkenly stumble home.

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GWAH! [28 Oct 2007|03:39pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

I've been getting some amazing fan art for Mourning Star lately. Actually, it's 100% of a certain amnesiac loner, the snipper sniper. Is it his rugged good looks? His enduring love for "kicking things"? Peoples affinity towards running with scissors? Readers boredom from waiting for the second book and having to draw their own? I don't know. But I'm enthralled such nice guys take the time to make these! I blush! Check it out:

sayunclecomics JOSEPH BERGIN the IIIrd

Aaron Renier's Halloween costume this year!!!! Kicking and everything!

It's really weird. When he told me he was going to do this, I was curious what colors he'd use since my book's in black and white. To my astonishment, he chose yellow for the sniper snipper's skin color, the same I've imagined it being myself!

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NEXT WEEK THURSDAY! [26 Oct 2007|05:10am]
[ mood | sleepy ]




Join us this 1st Thursday, Nov. 1st for a special Day of the Dead art celebration with local artist Farel Dalrymple and Seattle artist Kazimir Strzepek. Farel made a big splash in the indy comics scene with his debut 'Pop Gun War' and his acclaimed 'Meathaus' anthologies. Last month he made his Marvel comics debut with 'Omega the Unknown' written by novelist Jonthan Lethem. Kazimir is a relative newcomer to the indy comics world, but his debut "The Mourning Star" won an Ignatz award for Outstanding Series!

Listing information:
WHO: Farel Dalrymple & Kazimir Strzepek
WHAT: Art opening, book signing, and Day of the Dead themed celebration
WHEN: Thursday, Nov. 1st, 6-10pm
WHERE: Floating World Comics
20 NW 5th Ave #101
Portland, OR 97209

Show runs through Dec. 3rd.


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YAY! [18 Oct 2007|11:33pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

Thanks to all the awesome friends that promoted, supported and wished me well for this year's Ignatz award! Mourning Star won! I'm greatly honored.

I didn't make it to the SPX, and was seriously bummed out the entire weekend. But it was good to hear from friends and see the pictures posted online. Next year, dammit. And MoCCA!

I'm full of comic drawing fervor! And perfect timing... Tomorrow might be my last day at work before taking 3 months off to draw the second book. I'm not going to do anything else but draw, eat, nap, draw, use the bathroom and draw (okay, okay, and play Persona 3). I'll probably be online more often, so yeah... Talk to you later? hooray!

Thanks again!

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SPX [09 Oct 2007|11:51pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I ah... my, um...

errr...Mourning Star has been nominated for "outstanding series" this year, for an um.... Ignatz award at the SPX. I'm up against some amazing guys. If you, like... like my book... more than Dylan Horrocks' or Lewis Trondheim's... you could vote for mine.

No sweat if you're not planning on it. It's cool.

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Aaron missed the group photo! [07 Oct 2007|04:00pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Click here for image too big to post without an lj cut!Collapse )

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[02 Oct 2007|08:59pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Finally a chance to take a breath....so....

Last weekend, Aaron, Kelly Froh, Max Clotfelter and I represented our comics gang, SCUBOTCH, at the Stumptown con in Portland. We drove down Friday night for a comic book reading and the Maisie Kukoc Award for Comics Inspiration at Guapo comics. The whole day and the trip down, Aaron and I were getting nervous because we were both participating in the comic reading, but I was even more so because Jesse Reklaw asked me to also do the award. Andy Hartzell won! I didn't screw it up (i think). My old seattle roommate, Graham ,showed up and so did Courtney and an old friend of Aaron's, Kathleen. The biggest surprise was Tommy Yasuhara, my sister's ex, showing up out of nowhere! Turns out he moved from NYC to Portland not too long ago. It was rad catching up and seeing everybody.

The comic con was a big success. Usually I just look forward to seeing friends and picking up their comics, but now having an actual table, the bunch of us all made a nice chunk of change. Aaron's ET mini was a big seller, and was getting a great response (I can't disclose why, but you should buy the special version and find out). We could see this trip has modivated him a thousand-fold about his work, which is awesome news. Also met up with Daniel and Amy and some cool guys from LA. Peter Bagge called Max his "heir apparent!" and then lost his wallet (which was later found). OHH, and I made a total drunken jackass of myself trying to talk to Al Columbia.

So yeah, other than that... Um, my comic got nominated for an IGNATZ AWARD! WHUT? HERTZAH! OUTSTANDING SERIES! Is that legit? I mean, it's not technically a series yet, is it? I guess the pressure's on to make book 2. But yeah, am I going to win this one? Most likely not... I'm up against comic gods like the Hernandez bros, Richard Sala, Lewis Trondheim/Joann Sfar and one of my personal comix heroes, Dylan Horrocks(!!!). It's an extreme honor to be nominated with such awesome dudes anyway. If you're going to the SPX and feel like voting for me, PLEASE DO! I won't hold it against you if you don't.

SPX is in less than 2 weeks! I was talking it up all year about going, but it creeped up so fast, now I'm on a 24/7 hunt for a cheap ticket flight there. I've said this before, but it's not really for the award( personally stuffing the ballot box) but more to see my east coast friends... Aaron, Alec, Gabby and Liz. They got together without me at MoCCA and if I miss the boat again, I'm going to be miserable the entire weekend thinking of all the fun I'll be missing. Stumptown last weekend was great, and a sad reminder of what I'm going to miss at SPX. ARGH.

UM, fuck. even more news? YEAH! While at stumptown, I was asked by Farel Dalrymple and Jason at Floating World to do an art show November 1st! It's going to be a split show... I can't believe he's into my junk and wanted to team-up. YAY!

And WHAT THE HELL! Like FIVE days after that, I'll be flying to Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia(where Aaron's a sequential alumni) for their annual CAF: Comic Art Forum! While in San Diego I met some students, and and it looks like I'm really going to teach a workshop on mini-comics and stuff! Isn't that an awful idea?!?! I mean, it's great, but I better get over my fear of public speaking really soon. 2 three hour workshop/presentations...
damn, if this doesn't put my fear to rest, I'm hopeless.

All right. That was a long journal entry. I gotta get back to work on stuff. Aaron wants me to walk him to trivia night.

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SAN DIEGO COMIC CON [23 Jul 2007|10:05pm]
I rarely write in this thing except for comic tyoe news... sorry. I'd like to write more, but I have a shit load to clean/pack and figure out before starting the extremely long car ride to southern california... anyway, here's my usual convention spiel:

Hey everybody! I'm going to be in chilly San Diego this weekend for a little event called the SD comic con. I'm going to be hanging out at the Sparkplug comics / I Will Destroy You table with lots of folks! If I haven't gushed to you about it already, I also fanaggled an Eisner nomination for my comic 'The Mouring Star' ... so I'll be at that too if you want to console my crushed spirit when they call the other person's name! BOO HOO.

Sparkplug comics is at table 1533 around where Buenavista Press is and there'll be lots of rad artists hanging around all day (Jason Shiga, Elijah Brubaker, Renee French, Dylan Williams, Bet Catmull, Tom Nelly, etc).

My shift's 11-1PM Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I'm going to shave tonight, and probably won't do so till I get back... so look at my profile picture and add scruff.

That's it dudes.. email me asap if you want to get in touch before our 20+ hour roadtrip from the NW starts!

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I won a Nintendo WII !! [19 Jul 2007|07:35pm]
There was a fund raising raffle at work yesterday... $2 a square. I wasn't going to do it, because all I had in my pocket was $2.50 and that was my bus money home. But as I was walking out of the department for lunch something in the back of my mind said "fuckit" and I turned around, went to the boss's table where the money pot was and blindly choose one of the 120 squares. I then proceeded to the Kwik E Mart down the block to withdraw bus fare for later (oh, and ate lunch). When I came back, everybody was jeering at me with huge eyes. My name was pulled! I got a $250 system for $2!

Dude it's crazy! All day coworkers were cursing me and my luck.

It's really weird, because the only other thing I've ever won in my life was another raffle in the 5th grade... where I won an NES! Is this my super power?
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since I'm here, online and all... [22 Jun 2007|12:21am]
[ mood | getting tired now ]

Oh, and I just got a link in the ol' email about the Giant Robot gallery and it looks like they're opening the art sales online as well, in case there's interested parties outside of LA:


There's some really cool stuff I wish I could afford.

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Just in case [21 Jun 2007|11:42pm]
[ mood | awake ]

If you're going to MoCCA in NYC this weekend, PAPERCUTTER #5 is debuting with comics by Liz Prince, Bwanna Spoons and myself! Interior cover art by Nate Beaty. Check out Clutch (aka tugboatcity) at the tugboat press table. 21 pages of new Mourning Star stuff...SNORE.

Also, if you ARE going to MoCCA, please know that i f'ing hate you because I really wish I was going too. And you're probably going to find a shit load of awesome mini comics and hangout with people I miss.

On the personal front, things are getting better. I was having a rough month because I've been biting off more than I can chew (creatively as well as emotionally). And for work, although I can't talk about it, has been draining to say the least. But about a week ago there's been some changes in atmosphere and attitude and it looks like things are getting better. I'm almost done with the scubotch website (www.scubotch.com ...and no, it's a comic website not a website about scuba diving accidents). Aaron's parents fly into Seattle from Hawaii tonight, and they're going to be staying at our apartment for like a week and a half. Oh, and we're addicted to the tv show "Heroes". We've been catching up at a reasonable pace. Anybody want to talk about this shit? This is the first tv show I'm actually interested in since Arrested Development.

ps: Oh, errr...well that's it. Also I just remembered, if you want a copy of PC#5 but aren't going to be in NYC, you can order one from www.tugboatpress.com or email me.

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This weekend in LA: [15 Jun 2007|09:42pm]

Giant Robot was kind enough to include some of my comic pages at this month's art gallery in LA! It's my first real gallery-thing since the college days at UH. Although I won't be there, I'm a bit nervous for no real reason.

For sale are the four pages to my MOURNING STAR story for the upcoming Indie Spinner Rack anthology (coming out SPX 2007?). I've never had to put a price on my drawings before, so I left it up to the curator to figure that out... check'm out if you're in the area!
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